Essential laurel (bay leaf) oil - organic, Alteya Organics, 5 ml

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Essential oil extracted from laurel leaves

Essential laurel oil (Laurus nobilis).


Antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-convulsant, antimicrobial, digestive, diuretic.


Arthritis, bacterial infection, candida, colds, poor concentration, hair loss, indigestion, nerve regeneration.

Aromatic affect on the mind:

Its sweet fresh and spicy aroma is relaxing and balancing.

Spiritual influence:

Heightens intuition, awareness and perception. The mind is relaxed and you are able to receive messages better. It opens the creative side in the work and during meditation.


Use 50:50 dilution
- Inhale
- Diffuse


Essential laurel oil (Laurus nobilis).

5 ml

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