Dried Blueberries – Sweetened – 125 g

125 g

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With flavors that range from mildly sweet (cultivated) to tart and tangy (wild), blueberries are nutritional stars bursting with nutrition and flavor while being very low in calories.
Blueberries are phytonutrient superstars. These fruits contain significant amounts of anthocyanadins, antioxidant compounds that give blue, purple and red colors to fruits and vegetables. Included in blueberry anthocyanins are malvidins, delphinidins, pelargonidins, cyanidins, and peonidins. In addition to their anthocyanins, blueberrries also contain hydroxycinnamic acids (including caffeic, ferulic, and coumaric acid), hydroxybenzoic acids (including gallic and procatechuic acid), and flavonols (including kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin). Blueberries also contain the unique, phenol-like antioxidants pterostilbene and resveratrol.
Blueberries are a very good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese. Blueberries are also a good source of fiber and copper.

Directions for use:

For direct consumption or added to granola, baked goods, fruit salad or raw desserts. You can also soak the fruits, puree them and use as a filling, spreading or topping.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy - 339 kJ/81 kcal
Fat - 0 g
of which saturates - 0 g
Carbohydrates - 22 g
of which sugars - '16
Protein - 0 g
Fiber - 2 g
Salt - 0 g


Dried blueberries, apple juice

125 g

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