Coconut Milk - organic - 400ml

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Manufacturer: Amaizin
BB date: 30-08-2025
Origin: Sri Lanka
SKU: SKU10184
EAN: 8718976017107
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Organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka. Coconut milk is an important ingredient for oriental dishes.

For every 400 ml tin of Amaizin coconut milk sold, we donate 1 eurocent to the Food Science Kitchen project run by our supplier in Sri Lanka. After childeren in Sri Lanka finish school, they can participate in the Food Science Kitchen project. They will learn how to work with modern kitchen appliances and computers, which they usually don’t have at home. This increases their chances for finding work in both their home country as abroad.

General instructions for using coconut milk:

• At lower temperatures, the fat in the milk can become solid. This has no impact on the quality.
• Shake, stir or heat the milk before use, and it will be smooth again.
• Always stir as it heats, or it will curdle.
• Never cover coconut milk with a lid while cooking.
• Cooking coconut milk in your wok will prevent burning.


organic coconut, water. Without guar gum.

Average nutritional values per 100ml

Energy - 676kJ/168kcal;
Fat - 16.4g,
of which saturates - 15.5g;
Carbohydrates - 3.0g,
of which sugars - 1.1g;
Protein - 2.1g;
Salt - < 0.1g


Shipping & handling
We ship within 24 hours with tracked and signed delivery. For Bulgaria it takes 1 day, for Greece and Romania: 1-2 days, for other EU countries it takes 3-5 days. Tracking number is available after your order upon request.

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