Cinnamon bark essential oil, Zoya Goes Pretty ®, 10 ml

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Manufacturer: Zoya Goes Pretty ®
BB date: 31-08-2025
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11.65 лв
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Essential oil from the bark of the cinnamon tree

Cinnamon bark essential oil comes from the evergreen tree Cinnamomum cassia. The oil is produced by steam distilling the tree's bark. Cinnamon bark oil contains more cinnamaldehyde and has a stronger cinnamon aroma than essential oil collected from the leaves and branches. Cinnamon has a spicy, sweet, and warm aroma. Cinnamon essential oil is beneficial in aromatherapy since it is a mood enhancer and can effectively refresh the air. Because of its high cinnamaldehyde content, cinnamon essential oil should be diluted with a base oil before application to the skin.

How to use Cinnamon bark essential oil:

2 drops in 50 ml base oil for massage, 3 drops for aroma lamp For cosmetic creams and lotions which have already been made:0.002-0.02%

Ingredients (INCI):

Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil, ** Cinnamal ** Benzyl benzoate, ** Limonene, ** Eugenol, ** Linalool,
** Ingredient of the essential oil.

Attention! Perform a sensitivity test inside the elbow joint before using. Children, pregnant and lactating women should not use this product before consulting a doctor. Do not use it if it hasn't been diluted. Keep out of the reach of children and keep in a dry, cool, and dark location.
Only for external usage!

10 ml

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