Chili pepper - organic , ZoyaBG ®, 60 g

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BB date: 29-02-2024
Origin: Bulgaria
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Spicy red pepper made from red chillies

In many different types of food, hot paprika can be used as a seasoning. You might include it as an ingredient in a marinade or use it as a seasoning for a variety of meats, such as chicken. Adding a dusting of fiery paprika on the top of plain deviled eggs is another way to give them a more complex flavor. To create a well-balanced supper for your friends and family, consider flavoring chicken with hot paprika, followed by creating mashed potatoes with garlic powder and onion powder. Hot paprika mixes well with both garlic and onion. You may also experiment with it in the next batch of chili you make and see how much heat your friends and family can bear.

How to use Chili pepper - organic:

This flavorful hot spice will enhance many of your dishes. Try it on your veal or chicken, on savory egg and cheese dishes.

60 g

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