Cherry tomatoes Gartenperle variety - seeds for planting, Bavicchi, 1.5 g

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Cherry tomatoes (pearls), hanging

Cherry tomatoes variety Gartenperle (translated as "garden pearls"), also known as "pearls" - hanging variety suitable for cultivation in suspended baskets or on balcony railings. It produces numerous small, very sweet round fruits which turn red when ripe.

How to use Cherry tomatoes Gartenperle variety - seeds for planting:

Sow in a protected environment. Grow the plants in a well-lit position to strengthen the stem, thus avoiding abnormal elongation. In indoor cultivation add artificial light during the dark hours.

Sowing Period Protected by : January
Protected sowing period at : December
Direct Seeding Period from : March
Direct Seeding Time at : May
Harvest Period from : June
Harvest time at : September


Cherry tomato seeds (Lycopersicon lycopersicum – Codice VPM62), hermetically sealed.

1.5 g

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