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Organic Whole Cashew Nuts

The cashew is a flowering tree called Anacardiaceae. The plant is native to northeastern Brazil, but it is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew "nuts" and cashew apples. It is a small evergreen tree with a short trunk. The leaves are spirally arranged, leathery textured, elliptic to obovate with a smooth margin. The flowers are produced in a panicle or corymb. The flowers are small and pale green at first then turning reddish, with five slender and acute petals.

The true fruit of the cashew tree is a kidney shaped drupe that grows at the end of the pseudofruit. In fact the drupe develops first on the tree, and then the peduncle expands into the pseudofruit. Within the true fruit is a single seed, the cashew nut. The cashew nuts are popular snack, and its rich flavor means that it is often eaten on its own, lightly salted.

Cashew nuts, like all nuts, are an excellent source of protein and fiber. They are rich in mono-unsaturated fat which may help protect the heart. Cashew nuts are also a good source of potassium, B vitamins and folate. They contain useful amounts of magnesium, phosphorous, selenium and copper.

Like peanuts, cashew nuts are often salted. This added sodium content may contribute to increased blood pressure. So buy plain roasted cashew nuts without added salt.

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy - 2314 kJ/553 kcal
Carbohydrats - 30.19 g
Sugar - 5.91 g
Fibers - 3.3 g
Fats - 43.85 g
saturated - 7.78 g
monounsaturated - 23.8 g
polyunsaturated - 7.85 g
Proteins - 18.22 g
Vitamin B1 - 0.42 mg
Vitamin B2 - 0.06 mg
Vitamin B3 - 1.06 mg
Vitamin B5 - 1.14 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.417 mg
Vitamin B9 - 25 mcg
Calcium 37 mg
Iron 6.7 mg
Magnesium 292 mg
Phosphorus 593 mg
Potassium 660 mg
Sodium 12 mg
Zinc 5.8 mg
Copper 2.2 mg
Manganese 1.7 mg
Selenium 19.9 mcg

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