Cacao Fruit Juice, Gaillot Chocolate, 190 ml

Price: € 1.95 (€ 1.03 / 100 ml)

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Manufacturer: Gaillot Chocolate
BB date: 21-09-2021
Origin: Bulgaria
SKU: SKU15062
EAN: 3802017072004
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€ 1.95
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Juice from cacao fruit

Cacao juice is delicious, interesting and innovative. Cacao fruit usually is associated with cacao beans, but the truth is it hides other treasures filling most of the space under the shell and have so far remained in the background. The hidden treasure is the core of the cacao fruit. For producing juice, it is extracted from the fruit using a new technology directly on the field in the cacao plantation, which preserves its freshness and nutritional profile.

Dense texture with tropical freshness, which provides both sweet and slightly sour taste - very refreshing.

This cacao juice is inspired by the fact that for decades the cacao core has been an underrated product set aside and left to spoil. Transforming into delicious juice it reduces food waste up to 40%.


Cacao fruit (70%), spring water.

Nutritional value per 100g:

Energy - 58.1 kJ / 0.242 kcal;
Fat - 1.54 g,
of which saturated - 0.28 g;
Carbohydrates - 11.9 g,
of which sugars - 9.1 g;
Protein - 0.7 g;
Fibre - 2.73 g;
Sodium - 0 g.

190 ml

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