Biscuits with yogurt and honey - organic, Alce Nero, 350 g

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Manufacturer: Alce Nero
BB date: 19-10-2021
Origin: Italy
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7.65 лв
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Organic biscuits with yogurt and honey flavour

Organic biscuits prepared from 8 wonderfull ingredients, including Extra Virgin olive oil, 100% Italian organic wheat flour, natural honey and yogurt (“Haymilk”), combination with unique taste. The small cookies are prepared according to a special recipe, which does not include eggs, artificial flavours and animal fats. Enjoy as a delicious breakfast with tea or coffee or as a sweet afternoon dessert.


Wheat flour * (63%), cane sugar *, olive oil * Extra Virgin (12%), yogurt * (6%) (whole “Haymilk TSG”) honey * (4%), raising agents (ammonium carbonate, sodium carbonate), salt.
* organic.
Contains gluten. May contain others gluten containing cereals, eggs, nuts and soy.

Nutritional information for 100g:

Energy value - 1915kJ / 456kcal;
Fat 16g,
of which saturated 2.6g;
Carbohydrates 70g,
of which sugars 20g;
Fiber 1.8g;
Protein 7.2g;
Salt 0.48g.

350 g

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