Bee Prepared - Daily Defence - 30 capsules

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Bee Prepared Daily Defence is an ideal wellness supplement to take daily or as needed. The research based formula combines therapeutic quantities of high quality, plant sourced, immune supporting nutrients. It is unique in that the nutrients it contains are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin, making them the perfect addition to any health regime. Bee Prepared Daily Defence may be taken daily or as needed - for colds and flu, during allergy season, before and during travel or detoxing, during intense fitness or sports training, when run down or when recovering from a serious illness. It may also be taken for skin breakouts. Bee Prepared daily is suitable for most ages.

* Maintain wellness during times of stress or exams
* Muscle recovery after sports & fitness training
* Keep illness at bay whilst traveling
* Reduce hay fever symptoms


Adults: 1 capsule daily, up to 4 a day. Children over 8: 1 capsule a day. Children under 8: as advised by a health practitioner. Capsules may be opened into yogurt, juice or smoothies for children or those who are unable to swallow tablets.

30 capsulses

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