Bamboo Mini-Pads for Sensitive Bladder and Incontinence, Here We Flo, 16 pcs

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Manufacturer: Here We Flo
BB date: 20-01-2023
Origin: United Kingdom
SKU: SKU13954
EAN: 5060630100179
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8.75 лв
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Discrete mini-pads - medium

Ultra-thin and delicate mini-pads for sensitive skin and light incontinence. Size: 180 mm - mini. Made entirely of natural ingredients for gentle skin contact. The bamboo charcoal core provides odour control and at the same time a sense of security, tranquillity and confidence. The Glo pads series are highly absorbent, with a discreet size that does not create discomfort and easily fits in any lady’s handbag or travel bag. Packed individually in biodegradable eco-friendly cellulose packaging. Do not flush in the toilet, composting-friendly. Without chlorine, synthetic fibres, dioxins, pesticides residues. No plastic. No artificial dyes and fragrances.

Here We Flo is also socially engaged company, it donates 5% of its profits to help girls and women in need through education, health care and economic support.


100% natural bamboo and corn fibres, bamboo charcoal core, cellulose biodegradable wrapper.

16 pcs.

Скъпи клиенти, поради усложнената обстановка след Brexit, е възможна неналичност на продуктите от Английските ни партньори в следващите 2 месеца. Извиняваме се за създаденото неудобство.

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