Almond Flour - 300 / 450g

Price: € 6.45 (€ 2.15 / 100 g)

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Manufacturer: ZoyaBG ®
BB date: 31-01-2024
Origin: Greece
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€ 6.45
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Frour from ground sweet almond to add nutty taste and protein benefits to your food

Almond flour is made from ground sweet almonds. It is usually made with blanched almonds (white almonds without the skin).

It is used in sweet pastries, in cake and pie filling, such as Sachertorte and is one of the two main ingredients of marzipan and almond paste. It adds moistness and a rich nutty taste to baked goods. Use it by substituting 20% of the flour in the recipe with almond flour.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy - 2469kJ / 590kcal;
Fat - 52.52g,
of which saturates - 4g
Carbohydrate - 18.67g,
of which sugars - 4.63g
Fibre - 9.9g
Protein - 21.4g
Salt - 0.12g


Almond flour.

300 / 450g

Shipping & handling
We ship within 24 hours with tracked and signed delivery. For Bulgaria it takes 1 day, for Greece and Romania: 1-2 days, for other EU countries it takes 3-5 days. Tracking number is available after your order upon request.

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