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Manufacturer: Natrue
Origin: Spain
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Vegetable drink from whole sweet almonds and enriched with calcium, vitamin A, D and E, made with mineral water from Montseny Natural Biosphere Reserve. It contains beneficial mineral salts that are absorbed on the water's journey through the ground to its spring. Given its low level of mineralisation, it is also recommended for low sodium diets. Due to the water’s natural origin, its sensory properties are excellent.

The perfect balance of grains and nuts added to the water:
For 25 years we’ve been following the same philosophy: to find the simplest and healthiest recipes and to respect ingredients in their raw and natural form. This is the only way to ensure our products are healthy, balanced and full of flavour. We developed and patented our very own technique of extracting as much flavour and as many nutrients as possible from the ingredients. This is the only way to give our vegetable drinks their distinct taste.

About additives:
We only add what is absolutely necessary for the integrity of the product. Have a look at the carton: our list of ingredients is the shortest in the supermarket!

We do all of this to make a better world and so you can enjoy a healthier, happier and tastier life. Begin your day with mind, body and soul in harmony!


Water, sugar, almonds (2.75%), sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, gellan gum, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D.

Nutritional information per 100ml:

Energy value 151kJ/36kcal;
Fats 2.2g,
of which saturated 0.2g,
Carbohydrates 3.2g,
of which sugars 3.1g,
Dietary fiber 0.4g,
Proteins 0.7g,
Salt 0.1g
Calcium - 120mg (15% Nutrient reference values), Vitamin A - 120 μg (15% Nutrient reference values), Vitamin D - 1 μg (20% Nutrient reference values), Vitamin E - 3.1mg (26% Nutrient reference values).
Once opened, keep it in the fridge (< 4ºC), and consume it within 3-4 days.

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Shipping & handling
We ship within 24 hours with tracked and signed delivery. For Bulgaria it takes 1 day, for Greece and Romania: 1-2 days, for other EU countries it takes 3-5 days. Tracking number is available after your order upon request.

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