12-cell Cocoa Pods Silicone Mould

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8.95 лв
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This chocolate mould allows you to make 12 solid or filled chocolate Cacao Pods or Cocoa Pods as you may know them.

All of our flexible silicone moulds are graded for food use, made from 100% food grade silicone, and suitable for use in your freezer and oven. Heat temperature tested from +260°C to -60°C. Flexible - fold it or roll it! Non-stick, does not absorb smells or taste. Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water. Dishwasher-, Microwave-, Oven- and Freezer-safe.

Unlike most cookware, all of our moulds are versatile enough to be used for craft uses such as soaping and candle making. That means, should your application suit - you can use our soap moulds for food use in your kitchen ...... or our cake moulds and trays for your soaps and candles.

Overall Mould Size: 176mm x 152mm
Individual Cell size: 45mm long x 30mm wide x 20mm deep

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