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  • Holiday working hours

    29 Apr 2021
    Dear Zoya customer,

    Below is our working hours during the coming holidays ❤

    We will deliver on 30-th April 2021(Friday), 05-th May 2021(Wednesday) & 07-th May 2021(Friday).
    Orders received until 12:00h. on 30-th April 2021(Friday): delivery on the same day.
    Orders received from 12:00h. on 30-th April 2021(Friday) until 12:00h. on 05-th May 2021(Wednesday): delivery will be on 05-th May 2021(Wednesday)
    Orders received from 12:00h. on  05-th May 2021(Wednesday) until 12:00h. on 07-th May 2021(Friday): delivery will be on 07-th May 2021(Friday)
    Other Bulgarian cities:
    To office or address Speedy / Econt
    Orders received until 18:00h on 29-th April 2021(thursday: delivery will be on 30-th April 2021(Friday) with tax 2.50lv for holiday delivery and on 05-th May 2021(Wednesday) with standart delivery
    Orders received until 12:00h on 30-th April 2021(Friday): delivery will be on 05-th May 2021(Wednesday)
    Orders received from 12:00h on 30-th April 2021(Friday) until 18:00h on 05-th May 2021(Wednesday): delivery will be on on 07-th May 2021(Friday)
    Below is working hours of our stores in Sofia - please see here

  • New Restructuring Shampoo for Treated Hair - organic from Bema Cosmetics

    4 May 2021

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