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  • Holiday working hours

    19 Apr 2019
    Orders Sofia
    Orders receive after 13:00h. on 25.04 till 29.04 the delivery will be on 30.04
    Orders receive before 13:00h. on 30.04 the delivery will be on the same day
    Orders receive after 13:00h. on 30.04 and 01.05 the delivery will be on 02.05

    Orders Other cities 
    Orders receive on 25.04 before 18:00h.: the delivery will be on 26.04 with weekend charge and on 30.04 with standart delivery
    Orders receive after 18:00h. on 25.04 till 12:00h on 26.04: the delivery will be on 30.04
    Orders receive after 12:00h. on 26.04 till 18:00h on 30.04: the delivery will be on 02.05
    Orders receive after 18:00h. on 30.04 and on 01.05: the delivery will be on 03.05
  • New cassava flour from Isabel's

    18 Apr 2019